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Immerse yourself in Melbourne, a city built by gold!  Bookmark and Share

A professionally guided walking tour of Melbourne City Hidden Lanes, Australia

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But sometimes we take a tram...
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See Melbourne, Australia, in a new light!

If you are arriving from overseas,  interstate, or just want to discover more about our city, come along on our interesting and entertaining walking tours of Melbourne. 

Choose from our Marvellous Melbourne shopping arcades walking tour,
or the darker side of
Mysterious Melbourne laneways and alley's, and you will be escorted by an accreditedPrinces Bridge looking from the Arts Centre toward the city of Melbourne and Flinders Street Railway Station professional Tour Guide who will make your journey a memorable and enjoyable one.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and grand architecture of our greatest nineteenth century buildings, and hear their amazing and sometimes colourful stories.

From a naked lady to a ghostly encounter...

Melbourne history would not be complete without a few characters, those people who left their mark on a fledgling city including our founding fathers, early architects, land speculators, shady medical practitioners and divas.

Visit the Melbourne theatrical home of Australia's most famous operatic ghost!

Group Team Building & Bonding Walking Tours.

Team building walking tours, planning events and activities, have the potential to bring the people you employ a strong sense of direction, a powerful feeling of belonging with and on the team, and clear, strategic customer-focused values.

The companies which will make the most out of this are those which think in terms of the opportunity. Winning companies recognise the need to keep morale, performance and staff productivity high.

Properly planned and executed, team building walking tours and planning sessions heighten morale and motivation.

A Team Bonding Walking Tour Experience Your Employees Can Enjoy! 

Team building walking tour events are very popular with staff of companies looking to bond and motivate their employees.



Enjoy a glass of champagne, wine, beer, or other drink at the conclusion of the tour in a historic location.

Discounts for Corporate Team Building Groups, Probis Groups, Sports Groups, Lions Groups, Rotary Groups, School Groups, Social Club Groups, School Student Groups, Seniors Groups with more than 10 people on the tour.

Walking Tours Melbourne Australia

 "Mysterious Melbourne" Walking Tour 2.5 Hrs 10:30AM VIEW MORE
 "Marvellous Melbourne" Walking Tour 2.5 Hrs 10:30AM VIEW MORE
 "Historical Melbourne"    Walking Tour 1.5 Hrs 10:30AM VIEW MORE
  Victorian Parliament, Melbourne Australia, final destination of our second walking tour. Stained Glass window in Banking sector, part of the first tour of Melbourne City west end. View from Yarra River Ferry, GROWER, on first tour of Melbourne CBD Australia Historical Gas Lamps outside Victoria Parliament, Melbourne Australia Shopping mall in Melbourne City CBD offering exciting bargains.

Explore the architecture of 'Marvellous' Melbourne and tour hidden secret alleys.

Melbourne Walking Tours, Victoria, Australia
 You will be introduced to Melbourne, voted 'the worlds most livable city'